Summer Run - Country

Flat, Fast and Farmy!

10km Run - Morepth

The run leg leaves the boat ramp area and runs into Steamer St, which is an unused road just 150m from the start that is partly gravel and partly grass. There is some uneven ground for the first 400m, so pay attention. There is plenty of even ground to run on. At the end of Steamer St runners will turn and head back to the compound area and then run west along Queens Wharf Rd (a farm road) until a turn point and return to the compound area to complete the correct number of laps. There will be a counter mat on each lap. The run course is very flat. There is a drinks station every 2.5km. The course finishes on the bank of the Hunter River. Note the elevations map reflects a large hill at the beginning and end. This is a satellite map picking up a cliff beside the course. There is no hill!! Change over area for the relays will be next to the finish chute on the course.

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